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Jasmine Flower Plant – Koodai malli

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 Jasmine flower plant – Koodai Malli
In Mediterranean Europe, several jasmine species have established wild populations of these jasmine flower plant (koodai malli) is one of the best plants for gardening. We have different flowering plants on our website. For instance, the so-called Spanish jasmine (Jasminum grandiflorum), is native to the Iberian peninsula but originally hails from West Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Jasmine flowers, which have a sweet perfume, may fill a space or a garden with their entrancing aroma. Although jasmine is often cultivated as a vine outside, several kinds can also be grown indoors. Regarding jasmine and which variety is fragrant, there is a considerable misunderstanding. Furthermore, it looks lovely when grown atop retaining walls, with the branches spilling over the side. This robust vine attracts hummingbirds. Koodai malli jasmine flower plant is famous for its pleasant smell. You can buy nursery plants online and we deliver them to your doorstep in VGR gardens.

Common Name: Kodai malli (Thick Jasmine)

Scientific name: Jasminum sambac

Origin: Tropical and subtropical regions.

Height: Jasmines grow well up to 1200 m

Family: Oleaceae

Additional Information


Brand VGR Gardens
Quantity 1
Lifecycle Annual
Flowering Plant Yes
Suitable For Outdoor, Indoor
Family Rubiaceae
Scientific Name Jasminum sambac
Dimensions  1 feet

*Above specification are indicative only. actual dimensions may vary by +-10%

Health benefits
i) For their aesthetic value, flowers can flourish.
ii) Jasmine plant can be grown as a houseplant, used as cut flowers, or both also fragrant.
iii) China has a long history of producing jasmine flower tea.
iv) Jasmine contains plant hormones called jasmonates.

The olive family has a genus of shrubs and vines called jasmine that is extremely well-liked and grown for its smell. Although most of its species have white blooms, some can have yellow flowers and a few unusual species have pink flowers. Jasmine plant benefits go much beyond its pleasant scent. This plant’s wonderful smell can calm you and help you to relax. The same wonderful scent of the flowers is carried by the ketone in its essential oil. You may ensure that you smell amazing naturally by applying it. The skin is also softened and moisturized when its essential oil is used in the bath.

Jasmine flower plant and its aroma:

These plants are the best natural air purifiers you can have, especially indoors, because they have such a wonderful aroma. Their calming aroma diffuses throughout the house and balances the unpleasant odor as well. Apply a few drops of jasmine essential oil to some argan oil if you have frizzy and curly hair. It works wonders against lice. Because it contains the antiseptics benzyl benzoate, benzoic acid, and benzaldehyde, jasmine is a natural wound healer. We can guide how to night blooming jasmine.
How do we execute

The plant can produce as many as twelve florae in a cluster. Jasmine buds blossom in the evenings and are harvested in the mornings to be despatched to marketplaces out of doors of the city. VGR Gardens constantly opts for Safe transport ensured through tightly packing stay vegetation inside a delivery carton to keep away from movement. Products have tags to make identity simple. To go together with the shipments could be worrying instructions. fast transport. For your convenience, VGR Gardens recommends ordering vegetation from us online. We provide the quickest transport methods. To assure they come tomorrow within the greatest circumstance possible, every of our vegetation is meticulously selected by hand, prepared, bagged, wrapped as a present, and boxed in inexperienced packaging.Customers can buy seeds online from VGR gardens

Weight 10 g

1 review for Jasmine Flower Plant – Koodai malli

  1. hemavathy.c94 (verified owner)

    The plant was dry and was small ..

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night blooming jasmineJasmine Flower Plant – Koodai malli
Original price was: ₹100.00.Current price is: ₹40.00.

Availability: 50 in stock