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Best Plants for Return Gifts

Best plants for return gifts

whether you’re giving one for a birthday, baby shower, or just because. The plants listed below are our top plants for return gifts that make excellent presents for friends, family, coworkers, and romantic partners.

Rose Tree for best plants for return gifts

A rose plant is one of the most popular plant gift alternatives for events like birthdays and anniversaries. Roses have a variety of symbolic connotations, including love, friendship, gratitude, beauty, and purity, and the interpretations change depending on the flower’s hue. Therefore, before buying into the desired individual, ensure the color code is correct. The rose plant only needs full sunlight, frequent watering, and pots with sufficient drainage channels, so the maintenance instructions are straightforward. To promote better blooms, you can also apply a little fertilizer. We have the best varieties 

Blessed bamboo

Due to its rich symbolism in the field of Feng Shui research, Lucky Bamboo is one of the most well-liked gift suggestions. The plants might signify various things depending on how many stalks there are and how they are arranged. For instance, a plant with one stem denotes dedication, whereas one with nine or more stalks denotes fortune and prosperity. Lucky bamboos are reasonably easy to care for and doesn’t need much sunlight. Put the roots in a bowl of water with some decorative stones to help them survive longer.

Plant of Lavender

An aromatic plant, lavender produces flowers that are lavender in color and have a sweet scent. In addition to promoting restful sleep, the leaves and blooms have several health advantages, including reducing stress and chronic pain. A great gift for those who need to unwind is a lavender plant for warmth and relaxation. It has a feminine beauty connotation and can be given to women you appreciate for their grace and elegance. A weekly or biweekly watering schedule and full sunlight are required.

Snake Plant

Give Snake Plant if you’re seeking a resilient plant that even a novice can cultivate at home with ease. It is the perfect indoor plant since it can purify the air of harmful contaminants and, at night, change carbon dioxide into oxygen. In addition to their ability to filter the air, snake plants make stunning additions to interior design schemes. According to the Feng Shui theory, the plant represents purity and good fortune. This plant’s care instructions are relatively straightforward. Simply wait until the earth is totally dry before watering it once again.


An excellent plant to give as a present to friends and herb lovers is rosemary, a herb that has medicinal properties. The plant can be given as a gift between lovers or partners to commemorate their union because it stands for love, faithfulness, and remembrance. A person’s prior good deeds can likewise be recognized by giving them this plant. The herb plant does well in direct sunshine outside and needs watering twice a week. If there is sufficient sunlight, it can also grow successfully indoors.

Ficus Plant

As they give off a lovely tree-like shape and look stunning in any spacious environment, ficus trees make fantastic plant gifts. Ficus, a member of the fig family of trees, can tolerate direct or indirect sunlight without suffering from it. Therefore, this plant requires little maintenance, even for apartment dwellers. To give these plants a decorative appearance, some nurseries have also produced braided and bonsai versions of them. Now for the symbolism: Ficus stands for wisdom, harmony, and leadership abilities.

Bonsai Trees

A bonsai plant is one of the most well-liked plant gift ideas for weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions. These tiny plants stand for affection, thanks, wealth, and ties to the family. The specificity of the plant species increases with the depth of symbolism and meaning. When given regular care and upkeep, such as watering the leaves and pruning, bonsai plants become the center of the room and have a very long lifespan. Different care recommendations apply depending on the type of plant, and it is strongly suggested to hire a professional for wiring or repotting.

Mandarin Money Plant

A particular indoor plant known as a “Chinese Money Plant” represents money, prosperity, and good fortune. It is the ideal present choice for those who are launching a new business or endeavor and symbolically wishes them luck. The plant is truly adorable with its small pancake-like, round, green leaves. You must place the plant in indirect sunlight because it is susceptible to intense heat and water it when the soil starts to dry out. New leaves and lovely flowers will also be encouraged by a monthly fertilizer.

Growing Cactus

Hardy species like cactus plants can endure the harshest environments. Cactus plants are representations of perseverance because of their hardiness and tenacity. The outside thorns stand for defense against dangers from the outside, such as negativity or other difficulties with the body. The Cactus is a great plant gift because of its deep symbolism for people who are actual fighters in any circumstance. A variety of cacti species are available, some of which even produce vibrant flowers and grow in intriguing shapes.

Jade Plant

Given that it represents development, friendliness, and prosperity in Asian cultures, jade is one of the most widely given plants. The green, glossy leaves, which resemble tiny jade stones, are what give this succulent plant its name. It belongs to the family of succulents. Jade is an excellent choice for gifts because it is considered to be a money-attracting plant in the Feng Shui system. Jade is very simple to care for and just has to be watered once every week in indirect sunshine.


A stunning indoor gift plant that gives any living room a tropical feel is the Monstera Deliciosa. The plant is the ideal present for someone who treasures their family because it stands for fidelity, deference, and endurance. In shaded, warm, and humid environments, Monstera typically produces huge leaves with natural holes and does well. The fact that a trellis climbs means it may offer sturdy support. Make sure the recipient has enough space for the plant before purchasing it, though, as Monstera is renowned for growing swiftly and in too-big sizes.


Succulents are drought-tolerant plants that may flourish even in the most unfavorable environments. They feature delicate leaves with a variety of colors and forms that store water for survival. These plants make the ideal plant gift for friends and steadfast individuals because they stand for loyalty and tenacity. Instead of thoroughly soaking the roots, it’s best to mist the soil while watering a succulent softly. As the plants prefer warmer temperatures, please place them in direct sunshine.

Prayer Plant

One of the best spiritual plant gifts you can give your loved ones is a prayer plant, which represents commitment and attention. Another symbol of a structured, disciplined life that follows a set timetable is the plant’s shifting leaf patterns. A beautiful addition to any room in your house, prayer plants have high decorative value. The plant enjoys low light levels with a bit of warm water added when the soil starts to dry out, as well as bright but filtered light.

Peace Lily Plant

The peace lily is another beautiful plant to give as a gift since it has lovely white blossoms and dense, long green leaves. As a sign of innocence, friendliness, and purity, this plant makes a thoughtful present for close friends and family members. The best thing is that peace lilies are air-purifying plants that also thrive in low light. The plant will produce clusters of beautiful white flowers that resemble a live bouquet if you water it once a week and give it some sunlight.

Bird's Nest Fern

An avian nest Fern’s lush foliage and distinctive leaf structure make it a lovely indoor plant gift. The plant’s leaves grow out of the center in the shape of a nest for a bird. They give off a tropical vibe and are a light green color with a crinkled appearance. Maximum humidity and light are necessary for the plant. As a result, you can put them in locations like the balcony sill or the bathroom window where there is enough heat and moisture—giving this plant as a gift denotes a satisfying, long-lasting relationship.


Orchid plants are one of the most abundant plant gifts for lovers, marriages, and birthdays. Orchids are the ideal plant gift choice to commemorate a person’s significant life achievements because they stand for love, beauty, luxury, and ageless charm. The most excellent feature is the abundance of available colors, each of which has a deep meaning. Place the plant in direct sunlight and give it a fertilizer-like orchid mix once a week to ensure that it thrives. With a bit of attention, the plant can flourish and remind the other person of you.

Golden Pothos

A stunning plant with heart-shaped leaves that have green and golden-yellow tones is called a golden pothos. It is a kind of vine plant that can take on any shape, like a creeper that graces a front door or cascades down a bookcase in a lush green pattern. Even when grown inside, Golden Pothos requires very little upkeep and thrives. The plant gift represents endurance and longevity, which is perfect for those who have lofty goals.

Aloe Vera

A species of succulent plant known as aloe vera is praised for its therapeutic properties. The plant represents protection and healing, making it a wonderful gift for those seeking better health or for those who are afflicted with any ailments. Aloe vera is a resilient plant that is quite simple to grow. It flourishes in strong, indirect sunshine and only needs watering every three weeks. So consider giving an Aloe vera plant as a gift to someone you care about!


The term “philodendron” refers to a sizable group of many plant species that have similar traits, such as thick and big leaves. The Philodendron family’s Scarlet Imperial is a well-liked giving plant with closely-spaced, reddish-green leaves and red nodes. The best air-purifying effects come from the simple-to-grow plant, which also gives a space a tropical feel. Giving it as a gift denotes that the recipient is quite lovely because it represents beauty, health, abundance, and other positive attributes. VGR Gardens Chennai has the best gifting plants for special occasions as well.

Carnation Plants

Given that it represents love and affection, a carnation makes a charming plant gift for Valentine’s Day or anniversaries. Depending on the flower’s color, different interpretations and meanings are given. Dark crimson, for instance, denotes love, whereas pink thanksgiving. Beautiful flowers produced by carnation plants are frequently used in bouquets sold in stores. The plant needs water and 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight when the soil is drained. To keep the roots from decay, make sure the pot has sufficient drainage pathways.

In addition to these, VGR Gardens in chennai provides some other top plant gift suggestions for birthdays, weddings, and casual occasions. Plants are the best presents ever because they have such deep symbolism, are healthy, and are eco-friendly. It is now time to adopt the new fashion and swap out conventional gifts for various kinds of plants, motivating others to do the same.

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