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Pink Ixora Idly Kothu Plant- VGR Gardens

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Pink Ixora – Idly Poo

South India is home to the flowering plant known as Pink Ixora Idly Kothu Plant. First off, it is widely used and simple to grow. It is primarily grown indoors and is valued for ornamentation. This plant is delivered with a pot. Ixora Coccinea, a tropical plant native to the Subcontinent, is simple to grow. a lovely plant that doesn’t need maintenance. It also gains from exposure to sunlight. However, some shade is also preferred. Trimming benefits the plant in a beneficial way. They are often grown as ornamental hedges. Singapuri Ixora pink idly kothu is a popular houseplant that thrives in a variety of indoor climates. They are typically cultivated as decorative hedges. It is a popular houseplant that thrives in a variety of indoor climates. You may grow Pink Ixora inside your home, even on your desk. You can buy the best indoor plants on our website.

Other Language Names: Telgu-Nooru Varahala Chettu Kannada-Keplua

Name: Ixora Coccinea is also known as Jungle flame, Flame of the woods, or Jungle geranium.
Scientific name: Ixora coccinea
Origin: Originated from South India
Height: Plants can grow up to 6 feet in a pot.
Family: Rubiaceae (Madder Family)

BrandVGR Gardens
Common NameSingapuri Ixora Pink plant
Flowering PlantYes
Suitable ForOutdoor, Indoor
Scientific NameIxora coccinea
Dimensions 1 Feet

*Above specifications are indicative only. actual dimensions may vary by +-10%

The dense, multi-branched evergreen shrub Ixora coccinea typically grows to a height of 4-6 feet (1.2-1.8 meters), but it can grow as high as 12 feet (3.7 meters). It has a rounded shape with a spread that may be greater than its height. The stems carry the 4 in (10 cm) long, oblong, glossy, leathery leaves in opposite pairs or whorled formations. The leaves have whole borders and a glossy, leathery texture. Almost year-round production of tiny tubular, crimson flowers in tightly packed, spherical clusters 2–5 in (5.1–12.7 cm) across.


In traditional medicine, some Ixora species are used as astringents, as well as to treat tuberculosis and dysentery. There is widespread use in China and India. Fever, headaches, and colic are all treated using an infusion of various species’ leaves or flowers. The roots are said to be stronger and are used as a decoction and a sedative. In contrast to external treatments, which are based on astringent and antiseptic qualities, internal applications are based on stomachic and antiseptic properties. Some Ixora species are well-known for their decorative qualities and are frequently cultivated in gardens, parks, and by the sides of roadways.


1) Dysentery and diarrhea can be treated with Pink Ixora.
2) It may be grown almost anywhere in your house or business, and it is pretty adaptable.
3) It produces gorgeous colors that give your house a charming appeal.
4) It can be grown in a pot inside or outside in your garden.
5) They are ideal for growing inside due to their modest size and low maintenance needs.
6) They are used to treat wounds in conventional medicine because their roots are antiseptic.
7) Additionally, they are used to treat hypertension, TB, and physical discomfort.
8) You won’t need to prune it often because it grows slowly.
Ixora flower petals completely inhibited all tumor types in a modified tumor promotion test. In mice with transplantable solid tumors, the antitumor factor from I.

Javanica flowers demonstrated widespread efficacy by preventing tumor formation and halting the growth of tumors that had already been established. Ascites tumors were the only type of tumors that had a reduced effect. Using doses of 12 g and 65 g, respectively, in vitro experiments revealed 50% cytotoxicity to Ehrlich ascites and Dalton’s lymphoma tumor cells, with little activity against normal lymphocytes but a preference for K 562 suspension cell culture and lymphocytes from leukemia patients.
We at VGR Gardens want to make it simple for customers to purchase rare plants in bulk at cost-effective prices in one place. We have a fleet of trucks and a committed team of professionals to provide the quality and experience you want.

How do we export

VGR Gardens is reasonably priced and always dependable. A large portion of our staff has worked for the business for over ten years. We only ever provide top-notch plants in large quantities, whether they are shipped by air freight, sea freight, or both. We primarily deal in wholesale goods because we believe it to be the most deserving and cost-effective way to give your hands a large quantity of lively happiness.

Our quality

Plants are packaged and loaded at VGR Gardens in preparation for exportation on air freight and sea freight containers to countries across the world. aspire to act as a middleman choosing the best producers and goods for our most valued clients. The characteristics of the plants and the appropriate certificates are another problem. You may rest easy knowing that every order will be sent with a phytosanitary certificate, which serves as our company’s assurance of dependability and quality.
Anywhere in the world, using our Door-to-Door delivery service, we can send you our priceless plant items. The plants will arrive at your house securely; all you have to do is order and wait.

Planting Ixora

Taking a cutting from a plant’s roots is one of the simplest ways to multiply it. Propagation by cuttings or division is the term for this kind of reproduction. Growing new plants from sections of an existing plant by cuttings or divisions is called propagation; it can also be used to control genetic diversity in plant populations. You need the appropriate equipment, such as shears, planting containers, potting soil, and a watering can, as well as some gardening knowledge to propagate Ixoras. The initial step in propagation is to use shears to collect a cutting from the pink Ixora idly another plant.


Any garden or landscape can benefit from the vivid and exotic elements that Pink Ixora plants offer. They require partial to the full sun because they come to originate from Southeast Asia. This plant grows best in warm settings with temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit and thrives in damp but not soggy soil. They won’t need as much water if you live in a warm, humid area as they would in a dry one. This plant is not picky about the pH or soil type but prefers wetness.

In well-drained soil, it thrives. Particularly in the early phases of development, these plants should get monthly fertilizer applications and consistent irrigation. Use a general fertilizer on your plants; depending on the season, they may need watering once or twice a week. The leaves of this plant create oxygen and photosynthesize energy from sunlight to manufacture nourishment for the plant, thus avoiding cutting off big chunks of the leaves. You can buy plants online on our website.

Weight 10 g

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pink ixora idly PooPink Ixora Idly Kothu Plant- VGR Gardens
Original price was: ₹50.00.Current price is: ₹20.00.

Availability: 28 in stock