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Hibiscus Sandal Sembaruthi Plant

(32 customer reviews)

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Hibiscus Sandal Sembaruthi, a mesmerizing hybrid of Hibiscus and Sandalwood, captivates with its unique blend of fragrances and stunning visual appeal. This exquisite plant is a testament to nature’s artistry, merging the vibrant beauty of hibiscus flowers with the soothing aroma of sandalwood.

Hibiscus Sandal Sembaruthi Description:

  1. Maximum Growth Size – 2 – 3 meters in ideal conditions
  2. Plant Type – Outdoor
  3. Watering Periods – once every two days during summer and once a week during winter
  4. Optimal Temperature – 65°F to 85°F (18°C to 29°C)
  5. Flower Colour – Sandal
  6. Fertilization – Apply a layer of compost around the base of the plant in the spring. You can also apply fertilizer with a ratio of 10-4-12, 9-3-13, or 10-10-10 around the base of the plant. Be careful not to add too much fertilizer, as too much phosphorous can kill hibiscus.

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Hibiscus Sandal Sembaruthi, a mesmerizing hybrid of Hibiscus and Sandalwood, captivates with its unique blend of fragrances and stunning visual appeal. This exquisite plant is a testament to nature’s artistry, merging the vibrant beauty of hibiscus flowers with the soothing aroma of sandalwood.

At first glance, the plant presents a spectacle of colors, with its lush green foliage adorned by striking, vibrant hibiscus blooms. The flowers, often large and showy, come in various shades ranging from deep reds and pinks to softer hues of white and yellow, adding a splash of vibrancy to any garden or landscape.

But it’s not just the visual allure that makes Hibiscus Sandal Sembaruthi remarkable; it’s the fragrance that truly sets it apart. The sweet, floral scent of hibiscus combines harmoniously with the woody, earthy notes of sandalwood, creating a delicate yet captivating aroma that perfumes the air around it. Whether in a garden, patio, or indoors, the fragrance of this hybrid plant creates an ambiance of tranquility and serenity.

Cultivating Hibiscus Sandal Sembaruthi requires attention and care, much like tending to a delicate work of art. It thrives in well-drained soil and prefers ample sunlight, although it can tolerate partial shade. Regular watering is essential, especially during the growing season, to ensure healthy growth and abundant flowering.

Beyond its aesthetic and olfactory delights, Hibiscus Sandal Sembaruthi holds cultural significance in various traditions. In many cultures, hibiscus symbolizes beauty, femininity, and love, while sandalwood is revered for its spiritual and healing properties. The combination of these two revered elements in a single plant carries a sense of harmony and balance, making it a cherished symbol in gardens and homes around the world.

In essence, Hibiscus Sandal Sembaruthi is more than just a plant; it’s a masterpiece of nature that enchants the senses and nourishes the soul. With its stunning beauty, captivating fragrance, and cultural significance, it leaves an indelible impression on all who encounter it, inviting them to pause, breathe, and appreciate the wonders of the natural world.

Weight 10 g

32 reviews for Hibiscus Sandal Sembaruthi Plant

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