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Hibiscus Pink Plant adukku sembaruthi

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Hibiscus Pink Plant (Adukku Sembaruthi)

The Malvaceae family includes hibiscus, also known as roselle. One of the more than 300 species of flowering plants called “hibiscus” is Hibiscus sabdariffa Linne. It is thought to be a multifunctional plant with potential health advantages. The shrub, which originated in Africa, is now grown all year round in tropical and subtropical regions of countries like India, China, Sudan, Malaysia, Taiwan, and many others. Hibiscus is a perennial flowering plant that blooms all through the seasons. For its flowers, leaves, stems, seeds, and roots, hibiscus is cultivated. In food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical formulations, hibiscus flowers and seed oils are frequently used. Ayurveda and Chinese medicine both refer to the healing properties of hibiscus. In Hindi and Marathi, it is frequently referred to as Lalambari, Gudhal, or Jaswandh. We have indoor plants available on our website.

Botanical Name- Hibiscus rosa-Sinensis

Origin: Originated from Asia

Height: Plants can grow up to 5 meters

Family: Malvaceae

Brand VGR Gardens
Quantity 1
Common Name Hibiscus
Flowering Plant Yes
Suitable For Outdoor, Indoor
Family Malvaceae
Scientific Name Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
Lifecycle Perennial
Dimensions  1 feet

*Above specifications are indicative only. actual dimensions may vary by +-10%

It is a tropical Chinese hibiscus that can grow as high as 4.5 meters (15 feet) and is cultivated most often at heights of 2 meters (6.5 feet). The plant is cultivated for its sizable, somewhat bell-shaped blossoms. Flower colors on cultivars can be red, white, yellow, or orange. The drooping shrub with deeply lobed red petals known as the East African hibiscus (H. schizopetalus) is frequently grown indoors in hanging baskets. The fiber plants mahoe (H. tiliaceus), kenaf (H. cannabinus), and roselle (H. sabdariffa), as well as a variety of flowering plants commonly referred to as mallow, are also included in the genus Hibiscus.

Advantages Hibiscus Pink Plant

Hibiscus leaves help to promote hair growth. According to a study, hibiscus leaf extract stimulates hair follicles and aids in the growth of hair. Additionally, the leaves of hibiscus plants contain bioactive substances like tannins, alkaloids, and flavonoids that are good for hair.
Flavonoids and other biochemical compounds found in medicinal plants are said to help reduce hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Therefore, the hibiscus leaf extract is beneficial for hair. Additionally, hibiscus leaf extracts are good for hair because they balance the pitta dosha, according to Ayurveda. The body’s metabolism is controlled by the pitta dosha. An excess of heat builds up in the body when the pitta dosha is out of balance. It harms hair, which results in hair thinning and early greying.


1. The advantages of hibiscus for hair
To lessen hair loss, encourage hair growth, and stop premature greying of the hair, hibiscus leaves, flowers, and stem extracts can be combined with a carrier oil like coconut or almond oil. The following paragraphs cover several hibiscuses for hair advantages.
2. For hair loss, hibiscus
The hibiscus plant can help you stop losing your hair. It helps with the treatment of alopecia (extreme hair falls that lead to baldness). Hormonal imbalance is cited by Ayurveda as one of the main causes of hair loss. When the doshas become imbalanced and the body begins to overheat, it may occur. The pitta dosha is balanced and the body is calmed by hibiscus, which lessens hair loss.
3. Offers Deep Conditioning
Hibiscus for hair also provides significant nourishment and moisture retention benefits. By doing this, hair damage caused by pollution, excessive use of heating tools, and chemical hair coloring are avoided.
4. Hibiscus for Dandruff
Additionally, hibiscus juice or oil lessens dandruff. Hibiscus is said to have antioxidants like vitamins A and C and alpha hydroxy acids that nourish and gently exfoliate the scalp. Excess sebum production on the scalp is one of the main causes of dandruff.

How We Export Online Hibiscus Pink Plant 

Due to its numerous fashionable and health benefits, this plant is now incredibly well-known. VGR Gardens grow plants utilizing natural and customary methods. Additionally, we provide premium items and plants. Thus, we distinguish ourselves as the leading online plant marketplace. To provide the caliber and experience you require, we have an armada of vehicles and a serious team of subject matter experts, many of whom have worked for the company for more than ten years. We are consistently dependable and realistically estimated. Whether they are sent via airship cargo or ocean cargo, we typically only provide top-notch sets in large quantities.

Our Quality Hibiscus

At VGR Gardens, plants are bundled and stacked in preparation for exportation to countries around the world using airship cargo and ocean cargo compartments. I must act as a broker, choosing the top manufacturers and products for our most cherished customers. We also worry about plant qualities and pertinent endorsements. You can be sure that each request will be sent with a phytosanitary declaration to ensure quality and consistency from us.

Steps to plant
Hibiscus Planting from Seed

The hardy varieties, as well as roselle and cranberry hibiscus, are worth starting from seed at home because they are relatively simple to germinate. Chinese hibiscus is a slower-growing plant, so starting with nursery plants each spring makes more sense given its widespread availability at garden centers. Stem cuttings can be used to multiply any hibiscus.
The hard outer layer of hibiscus seeds can slow germination. Seeds can be nicked with sandpaper or a knife before sowing to hasten the process. They could also spend the night in the water. Use a heat mat to get the soil to the ideal germination temperature of 75 to 80 degrees.

Healthy Soil Preparation for Hibiscus

Although hardy hibiscus can grow in a variety of soil conditions, from wet to dry, they all prefer moist but well-draining soil. To ensure healthy biology and excellent drainage, add rich organic matter to the soil before planting. Compost, leaf mold, a soil conditioner, or peat moss is examples of natural amendments. Investigate what is abundant in your area and use those resources to source soil amendments most sustainably and cost-effectively as possible.

Hibiscus in the Garden Planting

Hibiscus Pink plant adukku sembaruthi can be grown as a tall focal point in flowerbeds, a useful hedgerow, or in large groups around a water feature. The hibiscus genus contains a variety of sizes, so check your plant tag or seed packet for recommendations on specific spacing and sun exposure. Depending on the spread of your chosen cultivar, most hibiscuses need to be planted 3 to 6 feet apart, except dwarf varieties.

Maintenance of Hibiscus Pink Plant

To begin with, this online nursery plant requires very little upkeep. When the soil seems dry, water it anyway. Additionally, let it completely drain. We provide an organic potting mixture that accelerates plant growth. also increases its disease resistance.

Weight 10 g

25 reviews for Hibiscus Pink Plant adukku sembaruthi

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